Name: Jessy Jule

Age: 22

Job title: Wedding and Events Coordinator

Time in current role: 4 years

Jessy is a freelance Wedding Coordinator. Follow her on Instagram @jessysbureau

Why did you decide to start your business?

I studied events management at university but ended up dropping out. However, I continued to develop experience whilst working for other companies doing the standard 9-5 jobs. The longer I did those jobs the more miserable and robotic I became. Apart from the earnings there was nothing that motivated me, so I would always write down my business ideas and try to figure out my plan of action for starting my own business.

Eventually I decided to just go for it! I’d rather pursue my dream job as a wedding coordinator than forever live with the regret of not at least giving it a try.

What are the key functions of your role?

I’m a wedding coordinator not a wedding planner so my main responsibility is to make sure the day goes off without a hitch and that everything is as perfect as the bride and groom have dreamt it to be. This can be challenging at times when unexpected things happen.

I need to do everything in my power to resolve any issues and reassure my clients that everything is under control.

Talk us through your typical working day

Planning starts from at least two months prior to the wedding day. On the day of a wedding I can start as early as 6am and finish as late as 11pm.

During this time I wake up the bride, groom and bridal party so they can eat breakfast and start getting ready. In the meantime I ensure that all vendors for the reception are on schedule and ready to set up at the venue. I also check that the church/venue is ready for the ceremony and once everyone is prepared we make our way there.

When the ceremony concludes the newlyweds take their photos and I need to make sure that all the right shots are taken. From there, we make our way to the reception just before guests arrive so the couple can see the venue decoration.

Your favourite part of the job?

The very end of the day when I see the newlyweds with their families and friends enjoying themselves. This lets me know that I’ve successfully completed my assignment.

…and the part you could do without?

Lateness and extremely early starts, lol. A period where we’re running late can affect an entire schedule so I make sure to stress the importance of punctuality and time management prior to, and throughout the day.

How would your clients describe you in three words?

I’d like to think they’d describe me as serene, friendly and helpful.

Plans for the future? 

Currently I’m a wedding coordinator but I hope to get into full-on wedding planning in the very near future.

Do you have any advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs?

  1. Have a plan and stick to it. You need to have discipline and perseverance to run a successful business.
  2. Take things one day and one step at a time, and don’t undermine gradual progression at the start of your business journey. There’s no way you can get to the top without rising from the bottom.
  3. You will never know it all or be able to do it all. Continue to learn and build relationships with the right people. LLY
Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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