I watch my fair share of reality TV so I’m familiar with the lives of some popular cast members. They may not be the most obvious role models, what with the catfighting and petty drama they often perpetuate, even so I can’t help but admire their attempts to flip their fleeting fame into something more substantial business-wise.

Take Draya Michele for example. The former Basketball Wives LA star launched her swimsuit line Mint Swim five years ago and in 2016 she exceeded $1million in sales from the brand. That’s a lot of bikinis sold!


In an interview with xoNecole, she explained: “I was so appreciative of Basketball Wives, and I still am. But I was very eager to get away, so I looked at it like, if this is what I’ve got to do to move to L.A.—if I have to argue with these girls for four or five months out of the year—then fine; then I can relax the other seven months and not think about them at all.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta veteran Nene Leakes took advantage of her on-screen popularity and elevated from small-time reality star to bona fide celebrity in a few short years.


She’s maintained a successful acting career, with guest appearances in Glee, a regular role on the (very) short-lived sitcom The New Normal and lead broadway parts in Chicago and Cinderella. She also launched her clothing line, The Nene Leakes Collection, with Home Shopping Network in 2014 and hinted last year that she’d be venturing into home decor and introducing a furniture line.


Everyone’s favourite ‘messy’ reality regular Karlie Redd clearly has more to offer than the shenanigans she entertains on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She’s actually the owner of two clothes shops named Merci – one on Atlanta and one in LA, in addition to hosting her new Playboy radio show. “You wanna say I’m messy? Now I’m gonna get paid to be messy!” Watch the video below to find out more about her retail businesses.

Have you ever gleaned inspiration from the reality realm? Let me know. LLY

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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