Name: Simi Lindgren

Age: 27

Job title: Head of New Business, The Profile Group at Centaur Media

Time in current role: 7 months

Simi is Head of New Business at The Profile Group where she oversees sales for brands Fashion & Beauty Monitor, Celebrity Intelligence, Foresight News and Year Ahead.

How did you land your current job?

I started as an Account Manager on Fashion and Beauty Monitor, which is a PR and marketing tool, in September 2012. After nearly a year in the role and a lot of success I was promoted to Commercial Manager.

I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform as Commercial Manager by creating new processes, helping to relaunch the brand and managing a team of four. In time I was promoted again to Commercial Manager of both Fashion and Beauty Monitor and Celebrity Intelligence. I proved that I could manage a fantastic team of eight and drive revenue across three products, as well as work on driving the long term strategy.

This hard work and tenacity led to my current role as Head of New Business for Fashion and Beauty Monitor, Celebrity Intelligence, Foresight News and Year Ahead. I was promoted just before I went on maternity leave.

What are the key functions of your role?

I’m responsible for driving growth through new subscriptions and advertising. Leading a team of 10, I must ensure that all new UK business revenue is maximised by ensuring all possible market opportunities are identified and exploited.

Every day is different, and most often incredibly busy with a mix of internal meetings with editorial, commercial and marketing as well as external meetings with media, brands and PRs. We are currently achieving impressive growth and I’ve been tasked with ensuring that this continues across all the products.

I need to make sure that the sales strategy is implemented and targets are consistently met. In addition to the commercial aspect I contribute to product development and brand extensions such as Beauty Monitor and the Fashion and Beauty Monitor Journalism Awards.

Talk us through your typical day at work

Right now I’m on maternity leave but my usual routine involves me getting to the office at about 8am when I have my green breakfast juice at my desk whilst looking over sales figures. At around 9am my team arrive and I either catch up with them individually or as a group to learn about which clients they’re be speaking to and what revenue they can forecast.

I then have internal meetings with the marketing and editorial departments to make sure we’re on track to reach our business goals, as well as update them on our revenues. I read and respond to emails as I go, there’s no set time for this as I usually work with my team on pitches and attend meetings throughout the day. I’m terrible for lunching at my desk, but I make sure my team take their full hour away from their computers.

The best times to communicate with clients is either between 10am and 12pm or 2pm and 4pm so you’ll either find me on the phone or meeting them face-to-face during this time. On occasion I’m lucky enough to be invited to press events which I like to save until the end of the day, so I attend those between 5pm and 7pm before heading home.

How would your colleagues describe you in three words?

I’m a very demanding boss and a perfectionist with extremely high standards but I believe my team would say that I have a healthy sense of humour, that I promote the ‘work hard, play hard’ ethic and that I’m fair.

Your favourite part of the job?

Sales are at the heart of my role and I lead a fantastic team, but I also work closely with our editors on the bigger picture of making our publications a commercial success. I get to meet lots of people from PRs and brands to media and creative and I love the variety the role brings.

…and the part you could do without?

Not achieving our goals. As a perfectionist I work extremely hard to achieve our objectives and help the team to do so, but sometimes things outside of our control, such as a particular season, can directly affect revenues.

Plans for the future?

My plans involve being a senior sales leader, such as a sales/commercial director, and driving the revenue growth from our online products. I want to continue to define the sales strategy, help build a world class sales team, manage the end to end sales execution, sell in to high value accounts in new revenue streams, as well as work with my team to develop new revenue features. I’ll also continue honing my leadership qualities and strategic thinking.

Do you have any advice for others aspiring to break into your field?

I always wanted to work for a publication even though I wasn’t sure in which role, so whilst I was at medical school I wrote to Glamour Magazine and was offered an internship. It was that moment which confirmed what I wanted to do. I would definitely say, be open to all opportunities as you never know where they’ll lead. WORK REALLY HARD to achieve your dreams, be polite and never say no! LLY

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