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Being the new girl kinda sucks. It often means having to learn new ways of working, building solid relationships with your team, familiarising yourself with different processes and adjusting to a whole new culture – all from scratch. It can take several months to fully settle into a new role to the point where you feel both comfortable and competent. Here are five quick tips for newbies struggling with new office job jitters.

1. Make time for your team

It helps to build good relationships with the people you’ll be working closely with. If you do a typical 9-5 you’ll spend more time with your colleagues in a week than you do with your own family, so try and make your time with them as pleasant as possible. Some companies will arrange one to one meetings during your first week in which each member of the team has an introductory chat with you to talk about what they do and how it relates to your role. This is a great opportunity to not only establish rapport but also to pick their brains and ask any niggling questions. If this isn’t part of your induction think about setting up these meetings yourself. Don’t forget to check each person’s diary to make sure you’re not suggesting a meeting that conflicts with another of their appointments.

2. Asses the atmosphere

What’s the general vibe like? How do your colleagues behave in this environment? There’s no point bulldozing your way in if everyone around you is quiet and calm. Likewise you could become an afterthought if you’re surrounded by huge personalities and can’t muster up the courage to get involved in conversations. Does your office scream straight-laced and corporate, or is it a more informal and relaxed space. This often depends on the nature of your profession so act accordingly.

3. Figure out the phones

Office phones can be unnecessarily complicated. You’d be surprised how many places I’ve worked where people don’t even know how to transfer calls. And it’s incredibly embarrassing when you pick up a call that needs to be diverted elsewhere and end up accidentally cutting the person off! So if someone on your team is unable to help, do some digging on the staff intranet to search for a phone guide. If there’s no such help available play around with the phones yourself until you get the hang of it. You may even be able to teach your team a thing or two.

4. Explore your surroundings

It’s easy to get lost in a new building so get to know your office layout. Finding out where the toilets, lifts, meeting and post rooms are is always helpful. Also try to familiarise yourself with the local area. You never know what hidden eateries or cool lunch lounging spots you may find on your tour.

5. Don’t skimp on the tea round!

If you’re a regular recipient of hot beverages it’s only right to return the favour. No one likes a selfish colleague so pitch in during the tea round every now and then.

Do you struggle with new job anxiety? If so, what do you do that helps you feel more at ease? LLY

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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