Name: Bianca Estelle Simpson

Age: 32

Job title: Skin Specialist

Time in current role: 13 years

Bianca is a Skin Specialist and the owner of bea Skin Clinic and bea Skin Care

Why did you decide to start your business?

Since I was young I was always interested in skincare and beauty. I knew from an early age that this was the career for me. After leaving school I did an internship with the Regis Beauty Salons in House of Fraser and Liberty, and absolutely loved it. I then went on to study Applied Sciences and Beauty Therapy at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Once I graduated my first job was as a laser operator and I quickly went on to become a trainer. This led to me attending lots of advanced training courses in treatments such as advanced chemical peeling, skin resurfacing, IPL (intense pulsed light) and dermal fillers. After moving into clinic management, I realised I missed the hands-on experience of working with customers and decided to specialise as a practitioner.

I now practice in three locations across London and have developed my own skincare line called bea Skin Care as well as running a vitamin therapy clinic.

Talk us through your typical working day
There’s no typical working day. If I’m in the clinic I’ll have back-to-back appointments with clients doing anything from chemical peels, dermal fillers, mesotherapy or vitamin injections.

I also have to spend time developing bea Skin Care, so I need to keep in touch with the labs that make the products in Korea and the US, as well as ensuring that all product orders are fulfilled.

Your favourite part of the job?

Changing people’s skin for the better and making them feel happier and more confident.

…and the part you could do without?

The admin.

How would your clients describe you in three words?

Driven, professional and kind.

Plans for the future? 

Continuing to build my skincare line and introducing new products. I’m thinking about bringing another practitioner on board to help with my workload as I now have clients booking months in advance. I’d also like to play a part in raising awareness of ethical clinical practices in skincare so that everyone gets the service they deserve.

Do you have any advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Whatever you do make sure it’s something that you love, otherwise you won’t have the energy to do it. If it doesn’t feel like work then it’s the right job for you. LLY

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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