I’m going to start off by saying that this book is a MUST-HAVE for women who are driven to succeed in their careers, no matter what field they work in.

In Leave Your Mark Aliza explains how she went from studying to be a plastic surgeon to conquering the world of fashion PR and  becoming a social media phenomenon at DKNY. If you’re looking for a masterclass on how to break into PR or journalism and work your way to the top, this is it. I just wish I’d read this when I first graduated from university! 

Here are six standout snippets that I hope will inspire you:

Intern, intern, intern…

“A good resumé should make you appear at least a year ahead of your age or assumed experience level. I always love when I see recent graduates who have four years of internship experience. It shows me that they have not wasted a minute and that they know how important it is to take advantage of opportunities out there. Too many people think college is a vacation, but the smart ones know they can’t just waste that time playing.”

Keeping your attitude in check

“A great attitude is one of your most marketable skills, and if you can muster the energy and passion to have a good attitude about any task, large or small, then you will get very far. You can always tell when an employee thinks, “Oh, that’s stupid. I’m not going to put a lot of effort into that.” Wrong attitude! You have to think about how that task serves the bigger picture. Every job matters along the food chain, so take pride in everything you do, even if it seems pointless at the time.”

I spy a mentor

“There’s always that one person who gives you the chance, who takes you under his wing and changes your career path forever. If you can identify a supervisor with a generous teaching spirit, then it’s worth your time and energy to make sure you continue to cultivate that relationship. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose touch with people as you move around in business, but if you make an effort to keep going back to the well, you will begin to create that mentor/mentee relationship.”

Prepping for that promotion

“Probably the most important thing I’ve learned is that in order to get the promotion of your dreams, you need to make yourself irreplaceable. That means that you are so amazing at your job that your boss would be scared to death if you left. So what you essentially want to do is make the thought of having to replace you so frightening that your boss decides it’s way easier to give you a promotion (even if it means that your boss has to fight her higher-ups on your behalf) than to deal with not having you around.”

Networking notes

“Get Your Head Out of the Sand: If you know you’ll be mingling with people later, read the news that day – not just news specific to your business, but news of the world. Nothing is worse than being in a group where everyone’s talking about something major and you’re standing there silent because you have no clue what happened. Being armed with this information will never go to waste, because you can always play the role of educator for the rest of the group, which comes with the added bonus of showing how well-read you are.”

Surviving office politics 

“The skills you hone are only half of the receipts for success. You need much more than talent to survive people and office politics. To really succeed, you also need to be a master of human nature. Bottom line: If you can’t learn how to work with all different types of people, it really  doesn’t matter how GOOD you are at what you do.”

Find out more about Leave Your Mark here.

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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