The Netflix original Girlboss series is a loose…’real loose’ retelling of Sophia Amoruso’s best-selling book of the same name. It’s a memoir which details her journey from aimless delinquent to the founder and CEO of multi-million dollar retailer Nasty Gal.

Want to know how the story of Sophia’s budding fashion empire was depicted on screen? Here are 4 business lessons we can learn from season one.

1. Get to know what your customer wants

One of the key reasons for Nasty Gal’s success was attributed to the fact that Sophia was so in tune with her customers’ needs. This is how she was able to surpass already established vintage eBay sellers and build a brand that appealed to her target market.

2. Know your strengths so that others can substitute for your weaknesses

Remember when Sophia got booted off of eBay and decided to set up her own website? After trying and failing miserably for months to cobble something together, it was her best friend Annie who decided to hire web developer Kaavi to step in and salvage the situation. Though Sophia needed convincing that they were in dire need of help, in the end Kaavi was able to transform Sophia’s amateurish idea for an online store into a fully functional, east-to-navigate and attractive site.

**Six standout snippets: from Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS**

3. Go to any lengths possible to keep the customer happy

Wedding dress-gate was a hell of a ride wasn’t it? After promising a difficult customer that she’d have her wedding dress cleaned and delivered in time for her big day, Sophia – admittedly through every fault of her own – failed to make it to the bride on time. To avoid the possibility of a scathing review (an eBay seller’s worst nightmare), she decided to roll up her sleeves and personally hand delver the item, arriving with only seconds to spare before the nuptials began. She ran, crawled, sweated and taxied her way to the venue. The result? A happy customer and some positive feedback on eBay. Lesson learned ladies: if you value your customers, go to any lengths possible to keep them happy.

4. Friendship and business don’t always mix 

Sophia and Annie’s seemingly indestructible friendship almost met its messy demise when Annie asked to become a paid employee at Nasty Gal. After Sophia’s initial refusal to take on any staff, including her bestie, things between the two turned sour. And although they were able to kiss, make up and eventually start working together officially, the reality is that often times friendship and business just don’t mix. So think long and hard before deciding to embark on any kind of entrepreneurial endeavour with anyone you care about.

You can catch Girlboss on Netflix here.

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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