Retail maven Mary Portas wants women to act more like themselves in the workplace. That is, ignoring advice we’re often given to adopt a forced aggressive and stereotypically more masculine approach to work and instead Work Like a Woman – the title of the new book she’s currently working on.

“As a successful businesswoman I’ve had to battle with structures that were put in place by men. I want to bring the so-called ‘soft traits’ of leadership – honesty, empathy, communication, collaboration – into the workplace. I want to work like me, like a woman – a movement toward creating a better working culture,” she told Campaign.

“Women have had it harder than men, and while there has been great advice asking us to ‘lean in’ or behave like a man and be more aggressive, quite frankly, why should I? I want to work the way that makes my soul sing. And that will only happen if we invest [in] creating the right workplace culture.”

Work Like a Woman currently has no confirmed release date. LLY


Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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