I’ve followed the career of Claire Sulmers for several years now and have HUGE admiration for what she does. She successfully turned her blog Fashion Bomb Daily into a profitable business, and now, 10 years after the website’s inception, she’s published her first book, The Bomb Life: My brand. My terms. I follow Claire’s personal blog, The Bomb Life, closely, so when she announced she was writing a book I knew I had a to get my hands on a copy.

Never one to skimp on career advice or inspiration, I just knew it would be a worthwhile read, and she didn’t disappoint. The book is part-memoir, part-self help with lots of tips for aspiring bloggers. Here are six standout snippets.

1. Content creation 

“Before considering advertising or making any money from your blog, you must realize that the first step is to create great content. Content is king. You create great content by serving a need or filing a niche that does not exist anywhere else. As the popular phrase goes, there are riches in niches.”

2. Getting started

“If you’re looking to get into blogging now, start where you are and with whatever tools you have in your arsenal. Because things are more live and not as edited, it’s easy to get started. Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram, and even YouTube are creating new stars every day.”

3. Becoming the face of a brand

“Influencers are tastemakers, stylists and leaders who inspire others by their lifestyle. Around 2012, when I was swimming in cash, I realized that a lot of my colleagues who posted their outfits incessantly were being pegged for great opportunities.

“As an internet personality, you have to notice the trends and go with it. You also have to be very self critical. If I saw bloggers making major bank by being the faces of their brands, then I was going to join in.”

4. The importance of networking

“It is not enough to write about things from behind your computer. You will increase your opportunities by 100% if you go out and meet people in your industry. Going to parties by yourself can be difficult, but once you go to a few, you’ll start to notice a few familiar faces.”

5 . The issue of payment 

“No matter how big or small, you should always ask if there is a budget. If the question is no, but you’d still like to do it, ask for something that would help make the situation easier: car service, or for them to cover your hair and makeup, for example. If they can’t do that, then think: Do I want to do this? Would it make me feel good to extend myself? If the answer is yes, go for it.”

6 . Team building 

“If you value your team, treat them with respect. Say thank you. Pay them. Talk to them. If they’re having a personal issue, make sure they feel like they can come to you. Acknowledge their birthdays. Offer them perks. Fashion Bomb Daily staffers have attended award shows, helped out with photo shoots, received swag, and popped into exclusive events. Show your team you value them in concrete ways.”

Purchase The Bomb Life here. LLY

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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