It’s hard to believe that new mums in the US are only entitled to 12 weeks unpaid maternity leave (!!!). Considering their total lack of options, it’s no wonder many women feel pressure to stop working for extended periods of time after having children. With this comes gaps in career history which some women are reluctant to discuss, making it difficult to pick up where they left off and hindering overall career progression. The Pregnancy Pause aims to change all that.

Acting as a sort of ‘employer’, The Pregnancy Pause, encourages mums to add motherhood as an official job title on their CVs, including all the skills they developed raising children. The campaign is even listed as an employer on LinkedIn, so women can include this information on their profiles.

The steps on how to do so, read:

“1. Add your new job as a “Mom” at “The Pregnancy Pause” to your LinkedIn profile under “Experience” for the duration of your maternity leave.

2. Explain your experience during maternity leave as it applies to you under “Description.” This could be anything from “Designer of human life” to “Hands-on experience in development.” You know best. 

3. Save your new job, updating your network on this exciting period in your career – and watch the congratulations roll in.”

Is this something you’d consider doing after having a child? Find out more about The Pregnancy Pause here.

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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