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Made a poor decision that’s negatively impacted your career? Perhaps you’ve done something that’s resulted in a setback or made a bad impression with the wrong person. Whatever mistake you’ve made, now’s the time to stop dwelling on what could have been and use what you’ve learnt to your advantage. 

1. You should never make the same mistake again

If there’s one thing you can take from a career mistake it’s that you know what NOT to do next time. Take comfort in knowing that your experience has armed you with the knowhow to do better in future. Lessons learned are always silver linings.  

2. You’ll want to work even harder to right your wrongs 

There’s nothing like a royal screw up to make you want to go harder than ever before to prove yourself. The fate of your career is ultimately in your hands so take the time to reassess, recalibrate and recharge before putting yourself back out there. 

3. You can teach others what not to do

What good is learning from a mistake if you can’t help others? Failures, missteps and setbacks are often a part of life’s journey and most of us will have messed up at one point or another. It’s the reason we read self-help books, memoirs and career guides – so that we can benefit from the experiences of others, whether good or bad. You can make someone’s life a little easier by sharing your knowledge so they don’t have to make the same avoidable mistakes. 

 4. You’ll grow from the experience 

As the saying goes, ‘if you’re comfortable, you’re not growing’. The chances are that if you’re trying to piece your career back together as a result of your own actions then you’ve been taken out of your comfort zone somewhere along the way. 

5. You may not have made a mistake after all

Often when we take risks it can seem like we’ve failed before we’ve even given the results of our actions a chance to manifest. What may feel like a mistake at first could actually reveal itself to be a blessing in disguise. Don’t jump to conclusions prematurely, you may be surprised with the final outcome.

What have you learnt from your career mistakes?

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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