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Trawling through job search sites can be tedious, demotivating and way more time consuming than it needs to be. This is particularly the case when search results aren’t targeted specifically towards the industries that you’re looking for.

Here are some of the best job search sites for journalism and PR vacancies.

1. Gorkana Jobs

With an expansive contacts database and comprehensive media monitoring features, Gorkana is widely used as a must-have resource for journalists and PR professionals. Its job search sister-site, Gorkana Jobs, is just as useful for those looking for openings in either of these industries with magazine, newspaper, digital content, PR agency and in-house roles all listed.


It’s the go-to resource for everything journalism-related in the UK, including industry news, training and job ads. Head over to the job search page for the latest vacancies.

3. HoldTheFrontPage 

Looking for a reporter job on a regional paper? HoldTheFrontPage is where you need to be. The site also advertises vacancies for national publications, but it’s a great place to seek out those hard-to-find opportunities on smaller titles.

4. PR Week 

Described as ‘first for public relations & communications news, analysis, features & PR jobs’, PR Week should be on every PR and comms professionals’ job seeker list.

5. Mediargh 

Mediargh is a great resource for both established professionals and recent graduates as it lists paid internships in addition to jobs.

Good luck with your search!

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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