It can be tough out there for the girls who can’t seem to stick with a job for long enough to learn how to use the office scanner. Read these key pointers as you navigate your way towards your dream role (or at least the next filler position that becomes available).

1. Don’t hop hastily into unemployment 

As ready as you may be to move on to your next role, it’s not wise to leave one job without having another to go to. You may have hopped easily from job to job so far, but you might not always be so lucky. It’s best to have secured a new role and signed your contract before you hand in your notice. Never assume that you’ll get another offer quickly, plus they always say it’s easier to get a job when you already have one rather than having to explain why you hopped hastily into unemployment.

2 . Always leave on a good note 

God knows the desire to stomp out of your job in a blaze of glory, perhaps after causing an epic scene, can be tempting, but you need to think about that all-important reference. How’s it going to look when your new employer requests a recommendation and you can’t give them the contact details of your most recent boss, or even worse, your current employer gives a less than favourable review of your performance. People talk. If you’re planning to work in the same industry you could earn yourself a reputation for all the wrong reasons. Also, don’t forget that your ex-colleagues will likely move around and may be able to open doors for different opportunities in future.

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3. Become a superstar interviewee

One major benefit to being a serial job hopper is that you get to rack up a load of interviewing experience. The more interviews you do, the more familiar you should become with the process and job hoppers have the advantage of having sat through a lot more interviews than the average candidate. A lot of interviewers ask the same or similar questions, so take note.

4. Save money, and lots of it

If you foolishly ignore the advice in step one, if you’ve found this blog post a little too late, or if something goes wrong during the recruitment process (offers fall through all the time) you may unexpectedly find yourself without another role to move to right away which can hit your pockets hard. Other factors that could affect your finances are: leaving a job mid-month which means your last pay cheque is limited, different pay cycles at your new job that may result in a longer wait to get paid than expected, and waiting for your new tax code which could also slow down your first payment from a new employer.

5. Know when it’s time to bow out

You can’t continue living the job hopper lifestyle forever. Have a goal in mind and once you’ve successfully hopped your way there, hang up your hopping shoes.

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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