‘Women of Food’ is the new initiative that aims to raise the profile of Britain’s female chefs


In the male-dominated food industry, female chefs are underrepresented and often overlooked, but Women of Food hopes to change that.

Created with the aim of promoting women who work in the food industry, Women of Food has launched the ‘UK FEMALE CHEF LIST’ to help increase the visibility of women-led restaurants.

***One to One: Anna Hansen : Chef/Restaurateur***

One of the campaign’s co-founders, journalist Sudi Pigott, told The Caterer: “There are a lot more female chefs than everyone realises.

“People quote the same women all the time; we know there are a lot more and we want them to be more visible and have more recognition so hopefully they’ll get more business, a higher profile and encourage more people to come into the industry.”

***One to One: Navina Bartlett : Founder of Coconut Chilli meal pots***

A statement on the campaign’s website reads: “Our promise is to empower women in food to network, collaborate, inspire, mentor and simply have good and delicious fun.”

Find out more about Women of Food and add your name to the list here.



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