SurveyMonkey has announced that women now represent 50% of its board of directors thanks to the addition of Erika James, the Dean of Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. Erika, who was the first black woman to be appointed dean of one of America’s top 25 business schools, joins Serena Williams as the second black woman on the survey tool’s board.

Speaking on Erika’s appointment, SurveyMonkey said: “Erika is exactly the kind of change agent we need on our board. Her research and consulting work inspires companies to be more thoughtful about their hiring and leadership principles, and encourages women to pursue a career in business.

“Many companies haven’t made efforts to diversify their hiring, or their leadership. White men still take up nearly 70% of director positions on Fortune 500 boards. In a SurveyMonkey poll of U.S. workers conducted this past April, 70 percent of white employees felt that their opinions were valued at work. Only 58 percent of black employees felt the same. Erika’s own research found that investor reactions to the announcement of female CEOs were significantly more negative than announcements of male ones. Crazy.”

Erika said: “My life’s work is helping women reach leadership positions, and I am impressed by SurveyMonkey’s dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive environment. The data captured through SurveyMonkey products provides many insights on employee engagement and diversity and inclusion that can be used to inform decisions and make an impact.”


Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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