Whether you’re self-employed or lucky enough to get work from home perks with your employer, it’s important to know that whilst home working is indeed a privilege, it’s one that requires discipline in order to be done successfully. The following tips will tell you all there is to know if you want to stay motivated while working from home. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Turn off all distractions

Whilst it may seem obvious, distancing yourself from distractions is crucial if you want to get any work done at home. Without the expectations and managerial presence at your usual place of business, the urge to switch on the TV or scroll leisurely through your phone can be incredibly difficult to resist. To beat the temptation, place your TV remote in a drawer to keep it out of sight and put your phone on airplane mode – this way you eliminate the threat of any notifications popping up that could steal your attention away from those all-important assignments.

Make the most of your lunch break

The great thing about working from home is that you can do whatever you want on your lunch break. Cook a lavish meal, sink underneath the duvet in your PJs, go for a walk – you name it, the option is yours (as long as it’s within the time limit of your break of course). Give yourself the lunch break you deserve because the more you enjoy it the likelier it is that you’ll be happier to return to work feeling motivated, energised and ready to attack the afternoon.

Don’t think about housework until the end of the day

You may have a sink full of dishes, an overflowing laundry basket and a messy floor all vying for your attention, but if you’re not careful your work from home time could turn into a day of cleaning and completing household chores. Keep all thoughts of domestic upkeep out of your mind during the time you’re supposed to be working and instead tend to your house either early in the morning, before you virtually punch in, or once it’s time to sign out.

Set time deadlines for each task

If you don’t do this already, there’s no better reason to introduce time deadlines than working from home. Giving yourself a set amount of time to complete each task throughout the day will do wonders for your productivity, as you’ll always have something to work towards. Think of it as a mini challenge for yourself every time one assignment ends and another begins.

Maintain regular contact with your colleagues

If all else fails, staying in contact with your boss and other members of your team will serve as a reminder that you’ve actually got shit to do! Email, text or instant message the people you work with whenever necessary to stay in the loop with workplace goings on and to update everybody on what it is that you’re doing. It also works in your favour to let it be known that you’re working your butt off and contributing to the team even though you’re at home.

Photo by Nathan Riley on Unsplash

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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