Thinking about setting up your own work space at home? Maybe you already have a home office that’s in need of updating. Below are seven simple decorative ideas that can help transform your home office from basic to brilliant. 

  1. Plants and flowers


Plants have been scientifically proven to increase productivity. Add some colour to your space with some greenery or pretty florals to help boost your output. 

  1. Wire memo board


Get yourself some metal clips (or wooden pegs) and start to organise your mental notes with a wire memo board. A stylish addition to any modern office space.

  1. Prints


Is your office really complete if you don’t have a motivational quote printed, framed and hung up to inspire you during those low productivity moments?

  1. Laptop case 


If you’re using a laptop instead of a desk top you can decorate it with a case that matches the colour scheme or decorative theme of your office.

  1. Coffee table books


If you’ve got a big enough desk, or if you’re lucky enough to have room for another table in your office, a selection of coffee table books can make a great addition to your space.

  1. Reading lamp


Not only are reading lamps practical for days when you’re working late into the night, they can also inject some style into your office.

  1. Hourglass


An hourglass is a novel way of giving yourself a time limit when working on different projects. 

What’s your favourite decorative feature in your home office?

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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