For many of us who work there are things we can do outside of our jobs to make our lives a little easier. So while some are able to take each day as it comes, others take a more organised approached and prep what they need to in advance. How do they do it? Here are seven women who use their weekends to prepare for the work week ahead.

Daina Renton, Photographer and Stylist 

I use my weekends to create my to-do lists for the week and to fine tune my priorities. I separate those lists into ‘Home’, ‘Work’ and ‘Play’. Practical preparation for my work is essential. Saturday is an office admin day and Sunday is my gear prep day. Everything is packed and ready to go over the weekend so that I can go into the week ahead with a clear plan of what I want to achieve.

Vicki Psarias, Founder of Honest Mum® and author of MUMBOSS

The weekend means precious family time but it’s also precious prep time for me, particularly on a Sunday evening after the weekend has run its course. It’s then that I check my Google calendar, plan for meetings (read campaign briefs, prepare blog posts or remind myself of any TV appearances or press shoots) and see to school admin. I also like to meal plan and I arrange as much of the packed lunches for my kids as possible.

Ivana Mearns, CEO and Founder of the Wedding Crafts Academy

I work Monday to Friday and keep my phone switched off over the weekend. However, most of the craft blog posts on my website are written on the weekends. This is because my mindset is different. It’s just so much easier to be creative when I’m not answering enquiries from students or looking after business-related matters.  Although writing DIY tutorials is still technically work, for me it’s a way to relax as well.

Puja Kotecha, Digital PR Specialist at Contrast 

I do most of my prep on a Sunday so I can relax after work during the week. That means I make sure my outfits are ready, I make a list of what needs to be done at work during the week and I check my diary to see if I have any plans in the evenings. Knowing what I’m going to be eating is really important so I do my food shop for the week and meal prep all of my lunches and dinners.

Sali Green, Owner of Cheltenham Lifestyle and Business

On a Sunday night, if all is calm and I get some time to myself I go through my planner for the week ahead. If I haven’t put my meetings onto my electronic calendar I’ll sit down and do that. I also try to tidy my workspace and make a list of things that need to be done in order of priority.

Rachel Bradley, Founder of Gossip Girl PR

On my ‘sanity Sundays’ I work for a couple of hours on the sofa and go through my plans for the week. I break up my time for each day to make sure I’m designating the right amount of time to each client, making sure I add in any meetings or events. If I didn’t have my sanity Sundays I honestly think I’d be chasing my tail Monday through Friday!

Shona Chambers, Director at Space at 61

I check my diary on Fridays and then transfer everything into a week by week chart that goes up in the kitchen. Doing it this way means I avoid missing things. It’s a holistic way of planning the 168 hours that are in a week rather than breaking time down day by day.

How do you get ready for the work week?

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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