Hello, hello! This is the first post of 2020 and I’m excited to start blogging again. It’s a new year AND a new decade so I wanted to kick things off with something motivational. I’m assuming you’re reading this because you’re a career woman who’s hoping to do big things this year. So! Here are 20 things you can do to help you smash your career goals over the next 12 months. 

  1. Write them down

It’s been proven (like, factually proven) that you’re more likely to do something if you write it down.

  1. Create a vision board

For those who are more creative and visually driven, a vision board is a great way to plan your career goals.

  1. Be intentional

Work purposefully, deliberately and diligently. 

  1. Speak about them

Tell your friends, family and colleagues what it is that you’re aiming for. You never know who may be in a position to help you. 

  1. Take risks

Let go of your fear of failure.

  1. Start today

No more procrastinating. 

  1. Remain consistent

Get into the habit of routinely doing the things that will benefit you. 

  1. Stay motivated 

It can be difficult to commit to the things that you’re struggling to obtain. Hang in there. 

  1. Practice discipline

Keep your eye on the prize and sacrifice what you need to in order to smash your goals. 

  1. Review your progress 

Check in with yourself every quarter to assess how far you’ve gotten. 

  1. Be honest with yourself

It’s OK if you need to switch things up, stop doing something or introduce something new to your repertoire.

  1. Work your ass off

As the saying goes: Do what others don’t to get what others wont.

  1. Think smarter 

Work hard without working yourself into a frenzy, by which I mean think of smarter ways to work more effectively. 

  1. Continue to learn

Knowledge is power. Arm yourself with as much of it as possible. 

  1. Expand your network

Putting yourself in the right places with the right people could be the key to more success.

  1. Put yourself out there 

You may need to become the face of your business in order to better connect with consumers. 

  1. Shout about your accomplishments 

Why would somebody want to take you on or push you further if they’re not aware of the amazing work you’ve done?

  1. Seek mentorship

Find someone who’s successfully doing whatever you’re aspiring to do who can offer you some nuggets of wisdom.

  1. Believe you can do it 


  1. Don’t settle

Refuse to accept anything less than what you’re aiming for.

Happy New Year everyone! May all your career dreams come true in 2020 🙂

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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