Uh oh. I know there are a LOT of people who don’t like their jobs (a key reason why I started this site) but to hear that the average British worker won’t achieve job satisfaction until they’re 45 is surprising even to me.

According to new research commissioned by job search site Indeed, a survey of 1,500 employees determined that at 45 the average person will be happy at work after having had eight different jobs and four major setbacks.

Indeed’s UK managing director, Bill Richards, explains: “By 45, most people have been through both successes and setbacks at work, be that scoring a promotion, facing a challenging team or a redundancy, and have often spent time in different roles or even careers.

“We learn from these experiences, so have a clearer idea of what it is we want from a role – whether it’s salary-focused, flexible hours or social purpose – we know what will make us happy and have built up the confidence to get ourselves there, even if that means taking a few risks along the way.”

While this makes sense, it’s still a pretty grim thought considering that so many of us start working when we’re teenagers.

What’s your take on this and how happy are you at your current job?


Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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