Even when you love your job there may be times when you’re desperate for the work week to hurry up and finish already. And it goes without saying that those who despise their jobs probably feel like this on a constant basis. So I just wanted to jump on and offer you some tips on adjusting your mindset that can help you survive those difficult days. 

MONDAY – Set your intentions

You’ve got to start the week off strong. Emit those positive vibes, set out everything you want to achieve over the next five days and be intentional about everything you do. Believe that you’re going to have an amazing week and act on that belief wholeheartedly.

TUESDAY – Throw yourself into your work, no holding back

Don’t lose the momentum you built on Monday. In fact now’s the time to ramp things up. Remain laser-focussed on your tasks and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for even the tiniest of triumphs.

WEDNESDAY – Re-energise and remind yourself of your goals

Congrats for making it to mid-week unscathed! This is a great time to regroup, revisit your to-do list, and readjust your workload where necessary if your priorities have changed or you need to change deadlines. 

THURSDAY – Keep going, the end of the week is close 

If there’s nothing else for you to be happy about at least you know the week is almost over. But don’t fall into the trap of starting to wind down too early.

FRIDAY – Exhale, wrap things up and disconnect for the weekend

And breathe. Hopefully by the end of Friday you’ve ticked everything off your list (but don’t be too hard on yourself if not). Before you wrap up for the week make a note of the things you need to add to your list of tasks for Monday. Oh, and have a great weekend!

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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