We could all use a pick-me-up during these uncertain times in self-isolation. Cheer yourself up by exploring this list of online career communities that will help improve your professional prospects and give you some much-needed inspiration to cure your quarantine blues.

  1. AllBright 

AllBright is a private members’ club for women in business. If you’d rather not opt for a paid membership you can access a load of useful editorial content for free on the website. 

  1. The Break Platform

The Break Platform is a digital community created by Patricia Bright that focuses on finance and business education. Subscribe to the YouTube channel or follow them on Instagram. 

  1. Self Employed Club

While we’re in lockdown you can introduce yourself and your services during the Self Employed Club‘s weekly Sunday Social.

  1. London Mums Network 

If you’re a working mum based in or near London why not check out the London Mums Network? It’s a resource for freelance and entrepreneurial mums which offers events and courses as well as blog content. 

  1. The PEP Network

The PEP Network hosts events for black professional UK women and offers valuable information on its Instagram page.

  1. DIFTK

Plug in to the Doing It For The Kids podcast if you’re a working parent trying to make being a working parent work (now that was a tongue twister).  

  1. Our Empire 

Our Empire sells tees and hoodies with inspirational slogans for aspirational women. Join the growing social media community for a daily dose of motivation.

  1. Meet The Owner

Join Meet The Owner in celebrating black entrepreneurs, creatives, business owners, influencers, thought-leaders and innovators. 

  1. Her Agenda

Hear from successful career women and access useful resources from Her Agenda which aims to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement for millennial women.

  1. Identity Creates

If you’re a recent graduate or just starting out in your industry, Identity Creates is the toolkit you need to competently navigate your way through the working world.

  1. For Working Ladies

Here’s one for women with entrepreneurial goals. Visit the For Working Ladies website or give them a follow on Instagram.

  1. Girls In Power

Who run the world? Girls! If you’re looking for a network that can empower and motivate you, particularly if you work in the creative industry, then look no further than Girls In Power.

  1. Corporate Career Girl

Sign up to the Corporate Career Girl newsletter which helps millennial women put their best foot forward and do their jobs with confidence.

  1. Hustle & Heels 

Have an idea for a business but unsure how to execute it? Hustle & Heels supports underrepresented entrepreneurs who want to turn their ideas into successful enterprises.

  1. Mavenly + Co.

Mavenly+ Co.’s Women, Work and Worth podcast will teach you how to establish a purposeful career and lifestyle. 

  1. Classy Career Girl

The team behind Classy Career Girl believes you’ll be more successful when you’re fulfilled by your work. Find out more about their blog, podcast and free 90-day planner here.

  1. Career Curious 

Whoever said curiosity was a bad thing? The Career Curious community encourages women to progress in their professions by sharing their experiences and skills with others.

  1. Women Entrepreneur 

Women Entrepreneur is an extension of the Entrepreneur brand and is a space that champions creation, connections and taking charge.

  1. She Can. She Did. 

We all love a success story. If you want to hear how other women in their teens, twenties and thirties successfully launchd their own businesses check out She Can. She Did.

  1. Female Entrepreneur Association 

The Female Entrepreneur Association is on a mission to help you build the business of your dreams. Become a member to reap the full benefits. 

  1. Women’s Organisation 

Surround yourself with other empowering women (albeit virtually) over on the Women’s Organisation’s Instagram page.

  1. The Bold Women’s Club 

The Bold Women’s Club is a London-based network for ambitious and aspirational women who want to further their careers.

  1. 9to5chick

Complete career development courses, benefit from mentorship programmes and gain access to networking opportunities with 9to5chick.

  1. The Finance Bar

Pull up a stool at the Finance Bar to improve your financial literacy and boost your economic status.

  1. Girls Who Code

Interested in a career in the digital sphere? Girls Who Code is on a mission to close the gender gap in tech and challenge outdated stereotypes.

  1. Real Brown Girl

Real Brown Girl is all about supporting women of colour to level up in their professional and personal lives.


With SHEROES you can join different online communities that align with your interests including your career and education goals. 

  1. ForbesWomen 

You know the name but did you know Forbes had a dedicated platform specifically for women? Well if you didn’t, now you do, and you can access a ton of informative articles here. 

  1. My Fab Finance

My Fab Finance has helped thousands of people reduce debt, build savings and improve their credit. Don’t miss out on these golden nuggets of information.

  1. Career Contessa

Thanks to Career Contessa you can get your career advice and search for jobs all in one place.

  1. Lean In 

Sheryl Sandberg’s bestselling Lean In book has morphed into a global community dedicated to helping women achieve their ambitions. 

  1. Makers Women

Known for its viral celebrity interviews and star-studded conference, Makers Women is more than a community. It’s a movement that wants you to take action and explore your passions.

  1. Thrive Global

Thrive Global is on a mission to end the stress and burnout epidemic that has long been glamourised amongst career men and women. Join them to find out how to slow down while sustaining success.

  1. Girls Guide to Promotion

Girls Guide to Promotion offers e-courses for women who want to take the next step up in their careers.

  1. Creative Gal Gang 

Aspiring influencer? Get support from others in your industry and take advantage of free resources courtesy of the Creative Gal Gang.

  1. The Wing

You don’t have to visit any of The Wing’s luxury co-working spaces to become a part of their community thanks to the convenience of social media.

  1. The Everygirl

The Everygirl website is packed with in-depth features, career profiles and how-to guides for women who want to lead well-rounded lives. 

  1. Women Who

This working women’s community encompasses events, worksheets and a podcast. You can sign up for the weekly newsletter here.

  1. BossBabe

Own your ambition and identify your superpower by becoming a part of the BossBabe community.

  1. Girlboss

Access a wealth of information via the Girlboss blog and sign up to join the professional network here.

  1. Create & Cultivate 

Here’s one that does what it says on the tin. Create & Cultivate is an online community and offline conference aimed at women who want to create and cultivate the career of their dreams.

  1. The Lifestyle Edit

The Lifestyle Edit offers actionable advice that you can use to scale your businesses with a bi-weekly newsletter and podcast.

Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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