To coincide with its legal, medical and crime shows, Sky Witness has collaborated with sponsor Dove to spotlight eight successful women working in these industries who each share stories of the misconceptions and assumptions that are commonly made about them based on their appearance.

Featuring a magistrate, two solicitors, a police officer, a physiotherapist, a detective, a sonographer and a lawyer, the series of idents (short videos played between programmes) is also a celebration of diversity in the forms of race, age and physical abilities. 

Here’s what each of the women had to say:

Dawn, Magistrate


“When I walk into a room I get stares, I get surprise. Black, female and disabled. There’s not many of me.”

Charanjit, Solicitor


“I used to wear a prosthetic arm but it made things harder to do. This is me. This actually is me. I am able and I want my children to know their mum is proud of who she is.”

Beverley, Police Officer

Beverley-Police Officer

“I’d always worried about how I looked or how people perceive me. The scar is a reminder of so many things. The pain I had, but the freedom that I have now.”

Faye, Solicitor


“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shown up for a meeting and they assume I’m the assistant. But I’ve earned the right to be here. My age or my skin or these tattoos shouldn’t say otherwise.”

Angela, Physiotherapist


“The assumptions? Oh dear, there’s quite a few. But if my job’s taught me anything it’s that to take care of other people’s bodies you need to love your own body first. All of it.”

Chantal, Detective


“A lot of people will pigeonhole detectives, but they certainly don’t expect a woman to have my haircut and do the job I do. I’m not about to change who I am or what I look like. I look how I want to look.”  

Cassandra, Sonographer


“I sat down for my review with my manager and she had me marked down as unprofessional just because of how I look. So I quit. How good I am at my job has nothing to do with the colour of my hair.”

Charisma, Lawyer

Charisma, Lawyer

“I embrace the scar under my arm so I will still wear my sleeveless vests in the summer like everyone else. My scars are part of my beauty as far as I’m concerned. Makes me unique just as much as my name being Charisma.”

You can watch the full video below:


Posted by:Carly Lewis-Oduntan

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