5 ways to stay motivated while working from home


Whether you’re self-employed or lucky enough to get work from home perks with your employer, it’s important to know that whilst home working is indeed a privilege, it’s one that requires discipline in order to be done successfully. The following tips will tell you all there is to know if you want to stay motivated while working from home. So without further ado, let’s get started. Continue reading


The top 20 UK cities that pay the highest salaries revealed


Thanks to new research from finance.co.uk and job search site Adzuna, we can now take our pick from the best cities in the UK to work in for the highest salaries. Unsurprisingly, London tops the list with an average weekly wage of £727 – but which other cities cracked the top 20?

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Disney Princesses reimagined as career women including a neurologist, lawyer and restaurateur


Classically characterised as dated ‘damsel in distress’ types, Disney Princesses aren’t exactly women you’d picture as career-driven forces, but one illustrator has changed that. Matt Burt has reimagined classic Disney Princess characters as established career women, with roles including neurologist, restaurateur, navy officer and lawyer all thrown into the mix. See who’s doing what below: Continue reading