Sharon Gardner : Naturopathic Practitioner

Sharon Gardner - Headshoot 2018

Name: Sharon Gardner

Age: 49

Job title: Naturopathic Practitioner

Time in current role: 6 years

Sharon is a naturopath, plant-based nutritionist, wellness coach and pilates teacher. Visit her website 

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Ava DuVernay: “The [career] path you’re on doesn’t have to be the path you end on. You can always evolve.”


During the promo run for her new film A Wrinkle in Time, director Ava DuVernay stopped by talk show The Real and shed some light on her career journey, explaining that after working on the publicist side of the film industry she decided to try her hand at working behind the camera.

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Facebook launches ‘Women in Gaming’ campaign to “encourage more diversity in the games”


In an effort to diversify the gaming industry, Facebook has launched its Women in Gaming initiative. Those interested in learning more about women who work in gaming can listen to first-hand accounts from those who’ve carved out successful careers via the #SheTalksGames page. Research reports published about games and diversity are also available.

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In conversation with Shona Chambers, owner of ‘Space at 61’, Peckham’s premier hire venue for small businesses


Space at 61 is a supper club venue in Peckham, south London, used by small businesses for creative events. I caught up with the venue’s owner and director, Shona Chambers, who talked about her motivation behind opening the space, its popularity with women business owners and her experience as an entrepreneur. Continue reading

Lady Likes: Jezebel founder Anna Holmes shares career lessons / ‘The most powerful woman in start-ups’, Ann Miura-Ko, on what launched her career / Tommy John co-founder discusses business lessons she’s learned making men’s underwear


A round-up of some of our favourite stories this week…

*Jezebel founder Anna Holmes shares some career wisdom as part of Quartz’s How We’ll Win project.

*Ann Miura-Ko, dubbed ‘The most powerful woman in start-ups’, on how a chance encounter with a Hewlett Packard CEO kickstarted her career.

*Tommy John co-founder Erin Fujimoto discusses three key business lessons she’s learned since launching the men’s underwear brand.